Failed Father?

failed father

Today I felt like I failed as a mentor. Bummer.  To see why、 click here.

Caution skaters, this post probably won’t sit well with you if you’re against wearing helmets. I am not afraid of saying what should be said. For the growth of skateboarding and the safety of new youth joining, consider this: 

Date: Kids Day 2019

‘We had a long talk after the session in regards to the importance of wearing helmets. Especially when you’re learning new stuff. Since my son was kind of just pushing around and getting more confident, you know, learning basic controls I didn’t push him to wear a one. Next time he will be wearing a helmet. At the end of the day it was a good experience to see him experiment and jump up on ramps. Unfortunately as soon he saw other kids his age without lids, he questioned the importance. 

Letting kids explore their surroundings and encouraging them to get past little roadblocks is life. 

This is the post where I blew it.

This is the post where I blew it.

As a sidenote, we won’t be going to that skate park anymore together because my son felt because nobody else was wearing helmets (his age) that it was OK for him to not wear a helmet too. The skate park we went to in a Hachioji the week before enforced brain protection. I think this is a great initiative when kids are learning. At the very least there should be a period where kids should wear helmets while they’re learning. Once that newbie period has been completed, I feel children should have the choice (but only once they prove themselves to be capable of basic manoeuvres on a skateboard). If skate shop owners are wondering why new kids aren’t joining skateboarding then maybe the cause could be whether or not they should have rookies (their customers) wearing helmets. Encouraging mandatory brain protection at the parks they represent at could be the difference. As a father, I wouldn’t let my seeds plant themselves in dangerous activities without at least wearing helmets while learning. And yup skate shop owners should be selling helmets to all new skateboarders as part of the “welcome to skateboarding packages”. (At the very least they should have a connection and refer their customer to where they should get their helmet) 

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