40 years in a sesame seed shell

I was born and raised in small town Thunder Bay Ontario where I later packed my bags for the big city, Vancouver.  After 18 years in Vancity as a dedicated snowboarder and an enthusiastic downhill skateboarder, (or whatever outlet fed the thrill) I moved to Japan where I now live with my family of 4. I always stand behind my claim that music is the best therapy for the hyperactive mind, especially mine. Mostly feeling like an outsider in a country were structure is fundamental means I always have my headphones on. This October (2018) marks my families 5th year in Japan. It hasn’t been easy changing but it has been interesting. What a ride!

Life Goal

Posted on Facebook Oct.12th, 2018

Posted on Facebook Oct.12th, 2018

Everyone Welcomed

Kids that don’t fit societies view of what being “normal” deserve a fighting chance for their dreams to be heard.

Often the unaccepted types are the genius’ that get lost forever.

I believe they will be the future leaders of this planet. Change is happening now and past mistakes are becoming painfully obvious as humans evolve. What do you want to leave behind?

My goal is to create a welcoming space where children that have unique differences encouraged and lifted up through skateboarding, forwarding thinking initiatives, music and amazing mentors. This recent epiphany has been 40 years in the making. Because of this I am dedicating the next 40 years to helping kids that don’t have anyone on their team. It won’t be a quick fix but it will happen with the right seeds being planted.


The Unattainable Achieved

What I am proposing is kind of crazy. But don’t all big goals seem unattainable when someone first introduces to them to you? For the time being my blog will be as random as my hyperactive mind. I do apologize for that but please trust me, it will go somewhere and all that are unwelcome will soon have a strong voice.

Just like the privileged of this world, the minority will have a say on where we go next.

One world, one love.


In the meantime, Joey Slick of Joint One Japan knows what’s up and I’m stoked to have him as a supporter who sees me for the artist I want to become. He’s a cool cat no doubt. Mad cool.

Select [HERE](coming soon) if you’d like to hear an extended version for my About Page.

Why should you check back?

At some point I’m going to unleash the entire plan. It’s going to be really fun and I’m sure I’m going to need all the support I can get. This is a project that all will want to back. Well, maybe not all, but almost all anyways.


What can you expect from the content I curate? Occasionally I blog about tech, a lot about skateboarding and daily, a little about being a father in Japan with minor nudges how to improve your life. As I evolve, I post about it.

I’m not a guru or a life coach, but I have been researching and studying ADHD and parenting books for 20 years. My interests vary a great deal but right now my focus is on being the best father I can be. That, and creating a movement that accepts kids no matter of their learning differences.

2018 Development

Breaking Confidential News is unsharable at this time. The information will be available in the new year but please stay tuned because it could happen quicker than I ever expected.

Closing thoughts

I want what’s best for my son and daughters generation. Their open-mindedness is just as important as yours. Please consider supporting my campaign when the time is right to set it off.

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