The truth is this video was slated to be my latest film exploring the life of not just being an adventure skateboarder in Japan, but 'always a foreigner' AND adventure skateboarder in Japan. In Canada I felt like an outsider because of my learning challenges growing up, but in Japan, I just feel like an all out freak.  Luckily my American friend Racer X, and Japan's greatest DH skate ambassador "KK' could show me good time.  DH skateboarding fits into that special category in which all your worries dissipate while your focusing on the extreme task at hand.  For many that are hyperactive mind types, extreme sports is the best therapy of them all.  Except of course when you almost die like I did in this video.



Kei "Skeita" Kawamata is one of Japan's smoothest longboarders.  Creating this video with him was a lot of fun.  After meeting Kei I discovered he has intentions on teaching English in Japan through longboarding initiatives. This idea is 100% inline with plans I have but as I mentioned in [this post], in my 40's I will stray from competition and vow to help others more than ever before.  Skeita Interview is on the agenda! 



by Yuji Fujiyama 

When I asked Yuji to make a video of my preferred type of skateboarding before I get too old, he was kind enough to shoot and edit this little video of me skating in my local neighbourhood.  I've been skateboarding since 12 and over the years the type of skateboarding I partake in has changed multiple times.  From kickflips, to halfpipe, from long distance to speedboarding, I love playing on skateboards. Although I don't recommend skating this fast in Japan, it was exhilarating to charge a hill I walk by every day.  As skateboarders, we look at an urban landscape a lot differently than most. It's like a bucket list item to look at something that is challenging and then go conquer it.  And now that I've skated my hilly hood, I'm on to the next challenge.


2016 - Shot in 2015

Japan has a scene like I've never seen.  I'm years away from understanding why longboarding isn't growing here but I couldn't very well create a video page and not post a video of the Superhill Slide Jam in Shonan.  It's an incredible feat for an annual event to happen here with so many barriers facing organizers.  Before I moved to Japan I visited Funwaves Surf and Skateshop's most successful and event .  Yoshi Kida's event stoked me enough to consider moving here.  Less than 1 year later I was packing up my bags and life in Canada to launch Skate[Slate] Japan.  It wasn't my most intelligent decision but passion as a strange way of clouding your vision.  I'm glad to be here and very happy to have met so many people by having skateboarding in my life, but I don't have any plans to continue to make videos in the genre.  It was fun but 10 years is a long time.


2014 - Who will win whistler?

In 2014, almost exactly 1 year after I moved back to Japan the culture shock was setting in hard.  I missed downhill skateboarding in Canada and my friends and family.  The best remedy for homesickness is to attend one of the world's most prestigious dh skate events, the Whistler Longboard Festival.  I call edit's like this 'Shredits'.  A Shredit is not polished and I could care less if it's liked or viewed.  Regardless, it happened, the footy is there and it's better out then collecting dust on one of my many harddrives.


2014 - Get out and skate

One year of documenting and hanging out with wonderful longboarders had gone by.  I started getting anxious because that's too long for someone like me to not create something.  I sat down and begun editing and a few weeks later launched Get Out and Skate.   Once again no budget and no crew.  What i did have in my back pocket was an massive desire to showcase the up and coming talented skateaboarders in Japan.  Downhill skateboarding in Japan is fun, but it's all high maintenance.  The skaters featured in this film travel for hours, camp out all night and hike to remote locations just to be able to ride.  Living in Japan has left me with a gratitude for how easy it was to skate back in Canada.  It also created an epiphany that I simply don't like skating as much as my Japanese friends.  These guys earn every ride and for that reason I had a blast documenting the passion.


2014 - sksjp's first video - edit by david angelski

Never before footage still sits on my hardrives for my first skate trip to Japan.  The actual fact is that it wasn't a skate trip at all but a journey back to Ishinomaki where the devastation from the 311 tsunami was still very prevalent.  So I borrowed my buddies Panasonic HVX200 and shot a tone of video. Being the skater that I am, I had to film some skating as well.  In this video you'll see buddhist monks chanting at the exact location the tsunami hit, the memorial for the victims and my new found skate friends thrashing in the mountains of Shizuoka. It's an odd mashed up I agree but one day I hope for all the content to surface.


2012 - newman-bamburin-pape collaboration 

I whipped up this concept with the help of Brock Newman and Roman Bamburin.  We had just started Skate[Skate] and the hype of my newest brand was picking up speed.  Who do I call?  Brock and Roman of course.  Both these creators have gone on to be amazing artists and I for one feel very blessed to have worked with the best in their early years.  Camera - me, Brock and Roman, Edit by Brock and Co-Directed with the help of Bamburin himself.


2010 - shot by me, edit by bamburin, produced by skate[slate]

Shot by me and Edited by Colabo's Roman Bamburin. Produced by Skate[Slate]


2010 - daily dose flashbacks

Back when TIm Cutting and I Co-Founded Skate[Slate], we bounced around a lot of ideas. Our goal with daily doses was to release new content every day or every other day.  As you can see the edits are nothing special but the content and things that were happening around Vancouver we pretty damn cool.  Interestingly, this concept didn't last too long but it was some of the most fun I ever had.  Not everything has to be polished and perfect for it to be good and Skate[Slate]'s daily doses were exactly what SKS needed to gain momemtum as the newest brand in longboarding.


2010- Drop premiere & ctv news


2010 - Sergio and fernando before danger bay


2012- Random footy because I was bored one day


2010 - East van skating with the stars of 'Drop'


2012 - after kevin reimer's injury, we interviewed him for skate[slate]


2012 - patrick switzer, katie neilson with grom guests

Concept and edit by me with the help of Brock Newman and Patrick Switzer



2010-interview on newtons with K-rimes (Pov by andrew chapman)


2011 - the documentary about getting riders into safer helmets


2010- skate[slate]'s launch video


2010 - Produced by colabo (, R.Bamburin, D.pape)

This is the result of when my team received a budget. 


2011 - earn that footy and loose a finger tip

Just one of the many times I got injured trying to get the best angle.


2009- the banff radical reels world tour edit (FOTB)

The team and Banff Center Film Festival loved the Fellowship of the Bearing but commented it was too long for their audience.  When we reached out to prospectful players in the industry, Daddies Board Shop was first to jump on board and sponsor this re-edit that went on a the Banff Center FIlm Festival Radical Reels Tour in 2010.


2010 - when the fellowship was for sale


2009 - produced by colabo x RBfilms


2009 - Gopro hd prototype testing with blake startup and friends