The Fellowship of the Bearing 1

Fellowship of the Bearing, the 2010 film production......

........that for the first time ever elevated downhill skateboard filming out of the camcorder era. The project pulled 13 months of footage from intense filming session with HD cameras, something never done for DH until then. Dan and his team (Patrick Weir and Roman Bamburin slaved over every image with dedicated cinematography, crane shoots and multiple cameras at the biggest races and events.  Together they pieced together a revolutionary film with professional animations and crystal clear colour balance, but most importantly, advanced skating of the Colabo team and the Coast Longboarding community. Dan always gives credit back to people that collaborated with him on the project including the late Errol Lazarre,  who helped set it off.   


The Fellowship of the Bearing later went on a world tour with the Banff Center Film Festival as well stock footage being featured on National Geographic. Next year will be the 10 year anniversary of the film and there is rumours floating about a new and improved edition including interview and bonus footage never before seen.  in 2019, will it happen?