Team Colabo Video Shoot 1

Team Colabo was british columbia's best riders.........

.......who were nearing the beginning of their pro careers where Dan maintained a talent membership so that no particular brand had weighted representation. Inclusive sessions on the Vancouver North Shore helped amateur skateboarding in the DH world have a neutral face. Some of the faces Colabo brought us were Kevin Reimer, Brianne Davies, Max Erwin, Nathan Lang, Mike McGoldrick and Quinn Dubois to name just a few. These riders were instrumental in forming a sport that is still enjoyed by thousands globally. Even Dan himself rode while filming to be able to properly capture the excitement of downhill skateboarding. Dan would contact their respective sponsors to lobby for expanded support and the world got to watch the ams rise to pros as time went on.  The team went on to standing on the podium more than any other group of racers during that time.   Dan was equally inspired by the feats of the Colabo riders that he later put it all on the line to create the first HD film in DH titled the Fellowship of the Bearing.

Dan Pape Shot of Colabo's Playground
In 2005 - 2006 when bombing hills was in it's prime and freeriding took a backseat to the stoke in the scene, I spent years filming with my Viosport and Canon Cameras. Both $400-500 dollar units, it wasn't about the quality but the hype of the people that I skated with. Doing high speed runs with Benda, Reimer, Jesse T, Edstrand, Mischo, McGoldrick etc etc molded me to what I know now. The experiences I gained and the people I met in the early years before I started filming are featured in this film. Bricin Lyons, from Coast approached Jason Bamford and I in English Bay 1 month Before Danger Bay 1. I skated with the Landyachtz Crew despite riding a board that was completely different than anything out there, the On Shore Board. Because, as a rider, I was always excepted by the Coast and Landy crew, I never wanted to stop riding and filming longboarding. The above video was presented at LBC Film Festival as a Colabo presentation just prior to forming the Official Colabo Team. It was screened the same time the Short Bus Chronicles (Sector 9) in North Vancouver in 2006. Shortly after this Kevin Reimer, Nathan Lang, Brianne Davies and Max Erwin joined Colabo to squash politics in Longboarding and to better the sport by representing DH Skaters in a positive light. Colabo constantly strove to showcase riders as professional ambassadors to the sport always wearing full safety gear and never smearing the image of sport. True Ambassadors they were and always will be. To see the next Video - we'll be uploading 12 in OH Seven in January. Enjoy this history Lesson!