What's Happening | Friday Dec 7

As I prepare for my next big project I feel it’s important to reflect on all the great events and activities happening close to home. It’s Friday, my favourite day of the week and I want all my readers in Japan or that plan to come to Japan to be equally stoked about what’s happening.

✔Tokyo Tours with Freewheeling

If you’re new to Japan then you’ll likely be going through Tokyo. Whether you’re there for a short time or long time, I highly recommend Freewheeling Japan , Founder Brad Bennett is a wonderful tour guide that has spent decades showing and educating both locals and visitors alike the greatness of Japan. Please check out his site. You won’t be disappointed with the way Freewheeling looks at things here in Japan.

Fun Fact : Brad was instrumental in helping with the production on my Freestyle, Dancing and Drones Video, shown below.

✔Hakuba Film Festival | Yokonori

Yokonori Film Festival is an excellent value. For only 1000-1500yen you can get admission to Surf, Skate and Snow Films right in Hakuba. If you missed this years films, it’ll be your last chance to see this years Line Up. Head on down to beautiful Hakuba next weekend and get stoked.

I do in-fact attend Yokonori Film Festivals. I missed the Chigasaki Event this year too so it’ll be my last chance as well. Even if you don’t stand sideways when you do sports, you’ll definitely enjoy the experience. For all the information you need, click HERE. Screenings start at 5pm on December 15th

Yokonori Film Festival 7th Annual.png

BentoYa Cooking Supporting PAWS

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 11.03.17 AM.png

This post on great things happening so I would not forget the efforts that BentoYa Cooking is putting into Supporting PAWS (Pets are Worth Saving)- Both of my Cats, Kiko (3) and Jupi (4months) were stray cats that we saved from pending doom. I could go on and on about how important we feel it is to support communities like this, but instead I’ll just leave you with this picture. Please head on over to give the page a Like.

Kiki and Jupi Paws Yokosuka .png

Going to the event will give you an opportunity tell help animals in need by trying out BentoYa Cooking baking. Sounds like a bullet proof plan to me! See you there.

Dan Pape