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Powell Peralta 36” Flight Deck Prototype

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Finally I’m able to share this super rad flight deck I was given a while back. If you’re a DH skateboarding enthusiast but also want to bust an ollie from time to time then check out this board. More on where to buy this #flightdeck at the end of this post.

This prototype from Skate One Corp is a 36” version of the JM DURAN ProModel. Immediately upon getting this fire deck I went down to Fabric Skate Shop (Yokohama Skate Shop) to scoop up 169mm Independent Trucks and swapped the bushings for Bones Hardcore Downhill Bushings along with throwing Rib Bones on for extra convenience and random rail sides from time to time.

I had Snakes from Powell Peralta DH on it that were shredded down to about 60mm, but finally killed them last week. This daily ripper is now set up with 60mm 78a Cakra Wheels for everyday skating. I love the size since I can barley stand on a 30” street deck without loosing my balance. This board is perfect for big feet and big people alike. 

Go to Skate One’s site and search for the JM Duran Pro Model, it’s pretty much the same board although the size may be a little smaller. For sure check it out, it’s a timeless deck you need to have in your collection. I customed mine with this legendary logo but the production model has insanely nice graphics on it as well.

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Dan Pape