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Shortly, I will be coming out about my plans with the Colabo Show and why the delay in launching Season 1. Over the years I’ve learned that you cannot rush a good thing and sometimes if you do, it can get lost forever. Just like my skateboarding, I choose flow.

For now let me simply honour the event that inspired me to start Colabo. It also the reason why I raced skateboards for over 10 years. The 2 videos below I produced the year after I blew my whole wad on Fellowship of the Bearing and the Danger Bay shoot. I returned to film it again (below), but this time with just a prosumer camera. Now that I think about it, it was a little overly optimistic for me to think just because I had the biggest film crew to ever shoot Danger Bay that that would equal increased budget the following year. In fact it was the opposite. The videos are below. The sacrifice in quality sure made up for the absence of stress.

More random videos here. Thanks Coast Longboarding!

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Skate[Slate] Event VIDEO

Tribute to Danger Bay Ep.1 and 2

Shot by Dan Pape, Edited by Roman Bamburin and Produced by Colabo

The Colabo Show is a J1Japan Original Series (posted at the beginning of this article. Season 1 will be exclusively on JointOne

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Dan Pape