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When I sat down at my local coffee shop to edit my latest 4k video footage and couldn’t, I did NOT buy a new computer because MAC said I had to. Here’s what I did instead.

Please Note: Upgradeable is in Australia so the links at the bottom are in Australian Currency. They ship world wide so I’m sure they can help you out no matter where you are based.



It all started when I was one of the lucky ones to receive the newest in POV technology, the REVL ARC (see here). I fired up this rad little piece of technology as soon as it arrived and immediately put the settings on 4k. I mean, when you have the option to shoot in 4k, why wouldn’t you? I’ll tell you why you wouldn't. It’s because you also need a computer that can handle the media that size. My 2012 MacBook Pro could not handle Davinci Resolve 15 or the video I was capturing. So here’s what I did.

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Painfully Clear How Easy it Actually Is

Big thanks to to Upgradeable for their knowledge in DIY (Do it Yourself) computer upgrades. Fortunate for me I have a 2012 MacBook Pro which is indeed upgradeable. Here I was looking at all kinds of MACs to buy. The prices ranged from $800 (usd) to 5k! On top of that, there’s also the waste factor to consider which I despise. In fact I’ve even been accused of being a hoarder. Can you believe that nonsense? This is far from the truth. What is true is I care about the environment and do whatever I can to help. We all need to do more. Besides which, isn’t it kind of fun to challenge yourself to upgrading something you thought was possibly useless for your into a power house editing machine.

First I perused Upgradeable for parts (links below), then the mission began. I started by watching this video.

Once I learned about DIY (Do It Yourself) Upgrades from the guys at Upgradeable, I knew all kinds of tips and tricks. At the end of the day, it was up to me to get down to business. I pretty much did everything Zed Pro Media did in this video once I got my parts. Big thanks to these guys for making such a top notch video too. I watched a bunch of How To Videos but this one was the best. I played it on my TV while I pulled apart my trusty laptop on my dining room table. At first I was nervous but then realized it was going to be much easier than I thought. That’s exactly what Upgradeable told me as well and they were right. 2 hours later I had a machine upgraded to 16gb Ram, 2 Super Fast SSD Drives (I took out the DVD/CD Drive) easily capable of handing 4k Video and Davinci Resolve 15 ‘s requirements. Also, I upgraded to the newest software available upon boot up. To my surprise I was automatically prompted to upgrade AGAIN to the new Apple Mohave Software. I was on cloud nine. All of this for only $300!!

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The whole thing set me back about $300 plus my time. I challenged myself to upgrading my MacBook Pro, limited the waste I would have caused had I purchased a new MAC and even felt a sense of empowerment that if I can do it, then why can’t my readers do it as well.

What if I dont have a Mac Book Pro

Not all is lost if you don’t have a MacBook Pro (2012). As soon as you go to the site you’ll see there’s a really good chance whatever computer you have is upgradeable. Upgradeable’s site is very intuitive and easy to find the right parts for your particular model of computer. The lesson I learned from this experience is newer is not always better. Here I am with a MAC that’s almost 7 years old that is fast as hell and super streamline with the newest operating system. Sure I could have emptied the wallet on a new MAC but to me that seemed like a huge waste. Now back to editing my 4k!

Parts Used in my MACBOOK Pro Upgrade



BACK IN BUSINESS !! Vloggin’ my life away.

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