Suped Up 2! C-Log, Luts and my Old DSLR

Several months ago I was perusing the internet for a new camera, the newest videography tools and even a new computer. Truth is I have multiple stories to tell and I want to tell them right. The fact of the matter is I love creating, but I hate unloading my entire budget simply to improve the quality of the content I’m producing. Thanks to friend and filmmaker Hemant Singh, I was encouraged just enough to switch my thinking to improving my knowledge, not my gear. This is the first and only video I watched to get the ball rolling.

Once I had the newest (free) firmware download for my camera (Canon 60D), Canon’s EOS Utility (also FREE) and C-Log (about $20) I was ready. Admittedly, I watched a few more videos to better understand the huge benefits to C-Log and why this direction is far better than blowing thousands of dollars on new equipment. It can be very tempting to buy the latest and greatest camera gear or the newest smart phone but I’m always interested first and foremost on limiting my waste. That footprint issue, you know?

After the staple procedures (in the above video) and necessary steps were all said and done, I felt as though I had completely refurbished my gear from obsolete to state of the art. I know this is just another battle of the mind and we both know my gear is far from state of the art, but mind frame is like the placebo effect when it comes to creating. If you’re stoked, then it will show in the creations you complete. My Canon 60D was purchased at least 7 years ago but here I am feeling like I have new DSLR. For me repurposing old gear by upgrading what’s in your quiver is far more satisfying. Just like in Suped Up 1 - Fastest MacBook Pro, I found myself toying with the idea of investing in the latest and greatest tech. But instead, I took a step back to invest just a little time into knowledge.


Everything took me about an hour. Installed on my Canon is now C-Log, Vivid Skin Tone, Scarlett and tones of others. Downloaded to my MAC is about 20 other options. 7years I’ve had this camera and I never thought of stepping up the plate. Like he said in the video, $20 bucks is

well worth it

The time I invested was equally worth it. I was able to upgrade my stuff and share it with you all.

Now dust off that old DSLR, Sony Mirrorless or whatever you have, “supe it up” the best you can and get out and impact whoever you think needs a boost the most.

Dan Pape