Wish List Pt.2 - Everyday Ride


Last week I posted a Wish List on SkateSlate Japan.  This week the urge to get acquainted with the new and perfect set up grows. I've never been officially sponsored by any particular brand but I have been helped out immensely over the past 15 years. That fact has permanently engraved my appreciation for longboarding's most innovative brands. As the flow of gear in my quiver becomes less and less, I find myself being a lot more selective on what I want to ride.

Before moving on, I want to give thanks to all those awesome skate brands that have helped me over the years.  Landyachtz, Rayne, Kebbek, Paris Truck Co, Loaded & Orangatang Wheels, & that one Moonshine MFG board I had.  Powell Peralta DH (formerly These Wheels) sent me a huge box of wheels and this one time Skate One Corp floated me some Aera K4's!! So you see, I can't exactly be bitter that the constant shwag stock has stopped. What I can do, and will, is keep wishing for my perfect city ripper. Here's what I'm thinking. I need your help to decide before I add to cart.


My style of skating has changed a lot. Since access to mountains is timely and sometimes expensive, here's my thinking. The below board is not skate-able since it's a memorial board for the late, and great Keibun Miyamoto. But it serves as a good stepping stone for the kind of board I want to customize. The size is great but the tail isn't that good for doing Ollies.  Even if it was the perfect board, somethings are just not meant for riding. This time it's because of those sentimental reasons.  I'll get into that another time when the story is ready to be told. 

danpape.org Wish list Part 2 sksjp-3.jpg



These Rat Bones that are on this complete are a great shape and the size is ideal, but they are also way to hard for my frail spine.  I like a soft wheel that is somewhere between 75a-80a.  I really want to try out the Powell Peralta G-Slides or maybe Powell Peralta's new DH wheels.  The thing is I want them to be 60mm or under. If not, I'll have to get a deck that fits a larger size which would also add weight to the set up. As I said, I need to be really selective this time around so I'm really thinking this one out. 



Aera Trucks from Skate One Corp are the cream of the crop. I was lucky enough to get these about 4 years ago and they are by far my most favourite skate part.  It does't matter what kind of board I put them on they feel amazing in every way possible. Even to Ollie(see video). I'd really like to upgrade to the Aera Trucks K5's (newest design).  They would be super light, the best control money can buy and super stylish on whatever board they end up on. Recently I've thrown these K4's on my Kebbek board, and it's really fun in the city. 



My gear locker is getting smaller every day.  What you don't see here are my longest skateboards. They simply do not fit. Also not shown here are my super rare Powell Peralta DH Experimental Series Decks.  Like this Larry Bertlemen Gravity Board (pictured below) that I have from Danger Bay 10, they've been stored for the future. A lot of the fellow racers signed this board for my daughter and although I'm tempted to set it up, it's not quite right both because it's a 'memory board' and because I really want the perfect ollie machine.   I guess you can say when it comes to skateboards sometimes nostalgia dictates my end decision.  



The Kebbek Short Cut (above, middle) is great but it's a little narrow for my size 12 feet. The Loaded Poke (above, left) is my daughter's board but those cushy Abec11 77A Pink wheels on it make it great for city carving, but not for busting ollies.



I also found this old Landyachtz Longboards Dinghy which was really fun for years.  Again though, big feet has me wanting wider board.  Tempting though, that soft foam grip is really nice and pleasant.



The ultimate board for the type of riding I do now would be around 12" wide, 35" long, have carving trucks but be able to handle about 60km/hr.  The wheels need to be soft enough to truly enjoy the ride.  Oh and one more thing, I need to be able to Ollie well on it too.  I'm pretty eager to get that trick back in full force.

Does anyone have the perfect suggestion for me? Let me know so I can make my next complete the ultimate set up for fast city ripping and ollie slashing. 



Dan Pape