Lesson 1 & 2 | Outer Space Fun Learning


Last Friday I taught my first lesson for my new mentorship program. It went very well (I think) and I’m pretty certain the kids had fun. When I hear laughing and see smiling at my lesson, that’s a dead giveaway that I’m doing something right haha.

The day following Lesson 1, I was planning for Lesson 2 and found this amazing video. I will try to transcribe for Lesson 2. Lesson 2 was curated on Friday, before the lesson. It is available for anyone to enjoy on their own time. To be clear though, these lessons will be much more fun with someone that has basic English knowledge. The format is so that beginners/kids can also listen to the playlist on YouTube (Click Here to Link Directly to that Playlist). If you’re a parent with a child that needs help with English communication, it will be much more effective if you sing the songs together.

Message me on this page if you have any questions. I’ll follow up next Friday, my Inspire English Fridays.

I feel bonding with our kids while learning is what’s going to keep them the most engaged. Lesson 3 will be reviewing Lesson 1 and 2 in conversation. Lesson 4 will be interacting outdoor while reviewing conversation taught in Lesson 3.

Lesson 1 is HERE Password : inspire

Suggested Class Length : 90 mins

This 15 minute Video is a Bonus for another fun learning session. I will also post it on Lesson 1 and 2. It’s not related to Lesson 1 but it’s so much fun I thought I’d post it as well. Enjoy.

Dan Pape