J1Japan Playlists - Top 4

Selecting the best music on J1Japan is no easy task. The crew has been hard at work creating ill playlist after ill playlist. In fact, there’s so much content being streamed on Japan’s newest and fastest growing music platform that choosing my favourite music took me hours of listening enjoyment. I’m not complaining, just stating truths. Without further a due, check these out.


Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 3.36.03 PM.png

Great for working out - Listen Now

True Joints

Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 3.44.09 PM.png

For the serious Hip Hop Heads- Listen Now

The Shuzz

Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 3.48.11 PM.png

Nice variety, a little bit of everything - Listen Now

The Shuzz, again!

j1japan Shuzz.png

So impressed I listened to another one back to back - Listen Now

Final Thought

Here’s the thing. Hip hop is always my go to when I’m listening to any online radio service. However, J1Japan’s playlists (or Albums) are updated so frequently that I’m constantly being introduced to music that I would likely never discover. Algorithms can be a good thing, don’t get me wrong but don’t you kind of miss the gold old days of a carefully crafted set by that DJ you love so much? I do, and that’s why lately the no hassle play and go music on J1Japan is all I’ve been listening to.

Remember, every night from 8-9pm Japan Standard Time you can get a little taste of just how great DJ Joey Slick actually is. Here’s the Link if you want to listen to the next live performance.


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