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毎週金曜日に楽しい時間を過ごしたい新潟と新潟近くの皆様、今週金曜日から「CLUB7 NIIGATA」が始まりますよ!詳しくは2番目のリンク先を見てね。

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Snowboarding in Japan is right around the corner. Just this past weekend I saw people startng to post ski hills opening on their instagram feeds. It’s so close for me that I can taste the crisp cold air on my lips as I type these words. Often times on danpape.org I share content about my skateboarding journey here in Japan, but in reality, spending my time in the mountains is up there at the top of my list. Perhaps this article is why. Rarely will I go riding without my headphones so I thought I would take some time to help you all get around the new j1Japan site. There’s so much content coming out daily on Japan’s newest music platform that I wanted to share these tips to help get around the site. The boys and girls have been putting in work so head on over and enjoy.


What is True Joints?

True Joints was created as an Original Series where Hip Hop is Art. True Joint mixes consists of Conscious Lyrics, Hot Beats & Skills all from the J1 Music Pool selections. Please Enjoy because I sure do.


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When I saw that every Friday in Niigata that TGI '“Fussa” Fridays was going down I just had to share it with the snowboarding community. Only 500yen, come on now, get some!

Every Friday

NEW1RADIO x J1Japan Show (Live)

Rad things are in the works right now so I wanted to take the time to post some of the first show I did with Joey Slick on NEW1RADIO 83.7FM Totsuka. Every Friday we do our thing live on the radio where it’s later produced for a podcast by j1Japan. I like both versions so please check em out.

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Dan Pape