The Importance of Flow

The Importance of Flow

We are living an era that is incredibly taxing on the soul. Not for a minute will I tell you that 2019 is harder than it was for those before us, but I will say that it’s very important to stop and reflect as to what’s important. My parenting skills are always in question (by me) but I always set time aside to make sure my own kids have opportunities to experience a flow state of mind.

In Season 1 of my new podcast the focus is on helping people all over the world experience flow state. In one of the 5 interviews, I speak with an American leader that has travelled to all corners of the globe to create spaces for kids so they can experience peace of mind. Even if they don’t know it. Sports like surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding are the ones that come mind first but essentially you can experience flow in any activity that has your mind escaping troubles of this world. This is goal #1 for (likely going to change the name in the future).

For a better understanding of what FLOW means, please Click Here. Once you’ve read that article, the rest of my words will make more sense. All you have to do to experience Flow is to get off Social Media, take Netflix off Auto Play and make sure that your efforts lay in getting out and challenging yourself or the people you love above and beyond that comfort zone.

Although skills and challenges should be in balance, the best situation for flow is when you are feeling slightly overchallenged. - Quiet Revolution

I’d also like to say that sports that are too challenging or involve too much risk are not what I”m talking about in this post. It takes a unique type of child to risk her well being to get street cred as a rider that takes on those extreme challenges. They may not even being doing it for “cred” but either way it’s hard for a parent to watch that sort of thing.

Take me for example, when I was in high school I would look at the clock for the entire afternoon while doing a mental countdown for Loch Lomond (my local skill hill) and the snowboarding that awaits. The bell would go off where I would proceed to speed walking out the door transitioning to running home. Depending on my age, I would either get a ride from my parents, wait for a ride from my older licensed friend or drive myself. By the end of nearly every week in the winter months, I would have been out at least 5 times per week. Snowboarding was not only my passion and a soul enriching sport to that drove my creative needs, but it was also therapy for the mind. A mind that was always racing. Sometimes still is.

When I didn’t get out and ride my grades took a dive. When I wasn’t hitting the “gravitron” or blasting airs off the top of the Giant (Loch Lomond local hits), my anxiousness didn’t dissipate. Sure doing push-ups in football gear was a challenge, but there is something about action sports that provide that therapy.

Next time your kids ask you to go riding, maybe instead of telling them “yes you can, just finish your homework first maybe try this. “yah dude, let’s shred together, we can do your homework after!” - I guarantee the results will be positive and possibly even therapeutic for your seeds rapidly growing mind.

The Importance of Flow

Dan Pape