Good Jobs In Japan

If you’re lucky and have a good job in Japan it really is an amazing place to live. Take it from me, an entrepreneur type that can barely sit still. Some foreigners in Japan, unlike myself, think they are “settling” for an job when they decide to teach English as career. Take it from me, a person who avoided teaching English for years because I was determined that it wasn’t for me. Some would say overly optimistic or even close minded but not me, I just kept my head held high and rolled with whatever punches came my way.

Living in Japan is not always roses and nice bicycles. Or in my case, nice skateboards. It comes with a lot of challenges so finding the right job is not easy. Right now I teach English at a wonderful center that goes by the name of E-kids. It’s truly a magical place because the support staff, the English teachers and the kids are all so happy. That right there is the icing on the cake. Make my day with smiling faces all around me. Blessed. Happy people make the day go by much quicker and eager students make it a day worth getting up for.

I don’t really see myself teaching English in a School like E-kids for the long term but at the moment it’s been a gift that Japan has presented to me. A gift I graciously accept.

Thank you E-kids and thank you Japan the great times to date.

For those of you that are thinking about coming to Japan, I recommend , that’s were I got mine and I’ll be forever grateful for these past few years while I’ve been planning for the big picture.

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Dan Pape