Don't Ollie Movement

Big shout out to Yuji Fujiyama for showing me this video. Fujiyama is the man behing Burnt Pineapple and is the man who designed this very website. He’s a friend that I really like skating with so when he posted this video, I watched it right away. “Don’t Ollie” I thought, I have got to see this.

I grew up in skateboarding the exact same way. I was taught by the skateboarders I looked up to that learning to Ollie a fundamental part of skateboarding. I sat there for days on in practicing my Ollie because that was what the cool kids told me and I thought what they said was gospel. I’m glad I know how to Ollie and have a few cool tricks in my back pocket but it’s not the be all end all to skateboarding. As I’ve said ever since I came to Japan (and even before that), skateboarding is what you make. If you want to do tricks then go for it. If you want to cruise around and slash then so be it. Even if you’re using a skateboard like I do every day to get to and from place, that’s cool too. Just get out and skate.

After watching Pro Skater TAKAHIRO MORITA talk about how he sees skateboarding I felt compelled to post this video. I completely agree with is opinion. Check out too!

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Dan Pape