Influence | Instagram or "InstaRAM"

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Should I really be putting my message in your face?

Does my Instagram reflect who I am?

Do I even have a message anymore?

Should I change my Insta-name?

Does anyone else feel lost at times on this whole social media push? Going forward, is it a gift, or curse? Message me on Instagram and let me know your thoughts? I care.

As for me, Instagram is simply a diary of my life to look back on when I’m in a conversation and I’d like to reflect on the past. Sometimes I want to share a memory and Instagram has been my go to for this kind of scenario. With over 5000 photos uploaded since I started, I still don’t have a set agenda. At times I did and maybe I should be more specific on my master plan.

This post was inspired by the video shown below. Although I didn’t lose out on a large sum of money, it reminded me of an instance a few months back. I reached out to an ol’ buddy that I used to race skateboards beside after having learned that she was a part of a wonderful start up initiative. They make accessories for smartphone photographers. Sending me gear was a quick no since she said they allocated their promo gear budget only to people that have 50k or more followers. I’m a little off that mark by only 47k. What’s the bid deal I thought. I wasn’t shocked, just mildly disappointed since I somewhat thought the friend card would get me some kind of pass, like it used to.

The honest truth is these past few years I haven’t been at all that concerned about followers or likes. This video by The Futur “influenced” me to start thinking about if I want to get my passion project to fruition what I had to do. Maybe I should care more about that sort of thing if I truly want to make it happen. There was at time when I checked back on a post to see if it got some attention but then I came to a realization that that’s not true life. It’s not truth and it not healthy either to be obsessed with your feed. In today’s social media driven society I’d be lying to myself and my readers if I said having an online presence wasn’t important. It’s still a great way to connect to the rest of the world and as you’ll see when you watch this video. Yvette Roman lost big just because of her social media followers. In her case it was a real injustice. Albeit that’s not going to be the case in every industry.

Back to my question, does that mean I should change my “InstagRAM” name?

Dan Pape