Dan Pape Show Episode 2

Pilot Episode 1 and Official Episode 2 are now live. I still can’t believe it’s being produced by legendary Joey Slick of J1. The new J1 Japan Site was launched, I’m legitimately blessed with J Slick locking down the audio. If you’re picky about sound quality, then you definitely need to check out J1Japan.com.

I’m also very interested in what we should call this new show. I have some ideas but I want to hear from my peoples what they think too. Once you’ve had a listen, PM me on my Instagram with your ideas.

Honestly, the first episode completely caught me by surprise. I showed up on Friday as a I usually do to co-host the the show with Joey and Tsubaki. It was at this time Slick dropped my first joint, Episode 1. Who is Tsubaki you may ask? Yui Tsubaki (Instagram) is an amazing vocalists that takes care of all the Japanese for the show. Phew, blessed x2. Arigato Ne Tsubaki-san! Joey’s on the 1-2’s and I’m just along for the ride to learn from the best. If you talk to Joey he may have something else to say about that. It’s always positive with that guy and that’s why I’ve chosen to roll with the J1 Crew. I’m just happy to be playing the artists seen below. Having my voice on the best instrumentals in the world followed by lyrical geniuses of this era is why I do it. Music is life and I love music.

Song Credits

✔ Aesop Rock - Non Shall Pass

✔ Guru , Blue Scholars and Common Market - The Game Needs Me

Ludacris Featuring Nas & Jay Z - I do it for Hip Hop

Dan Pape