Content Curator 1 Day Challenge

On Tuesday I went up into the mountains with well known Japanese photographer Zizo. We went to the now legendary spot, “Initial D”. When Kevin Reimer from Powell Peralta DH was here with Aera Trucks team rider Chet Bolstridge, they charged the most insane road I’ve ever seen skated. Zizo and I went back there to shoot so I decided to use Davinci Resolve Studio to play around with the media I randomly shot throughout the adventure. Zizo got the real shots!

The only way to get better at stuff is to continually practice. whether it be editing or skateboarding, just get back to it.

What I decided recently was to keep putting out videos even if they are far from perfect. Either way the Davinci Resolve 1 Day edit challenge is on. It’s not that I have decided to edit videos every day, it means that I’ve decided to only spend 1 day on each edit. Here’s what I came up with for Part 1 of the 1 Day Challenge. My own way to challenge myself to keep on creating.

Go easy on my eh! it’s my first edit on Davinci Resolve Studio.

Went it to the mountains of Kanagawa to explore the (now legendary) spot that Kevin Reimer and Chet Bolstridge skated. It's called Initial D.

Dan Pape