What is BentoYa?


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The Colabo Show Ep.1

A few years ago I watched the movie Food Inc. The following week I attempted to go vegan. Although the images from the Food Inc. documentary are shocking and sometimes result in people refusing meat as a daily option, it’s not the be all end all solution to changing the world we live in. In other-words, shock and scare techniques are short term fixes. There’s a better way to have an impact and create positive change.

Enter BentoYa. The all English Japanese Cooking class in Tokyo and Yokohama started off as Vegan Only cuisine. BentoYa wasted no time and added Gluten Free options to their menu. Things really started to take off after that. But what about Vegetarian?

Here’s the thing. BentoYa’s vision is to create a positive impact on the world by offering meat free options. When you’ve spent your entire life eating meat and then suddenly you’re not, it can be very difficult. Trust me I know because I tried about 10 years, and failed. I can’t speak for all the people that attempted and failed but I can say it was indeed very difficult. The month that I went vegan I had cravings for all kinds of things especially cheese. Cheese was probably the hardest in all honesty. I love cheese.

I guess all I’m trying to say is I’m delighted to see that BentoYa has added vegetarian to their menu. The goal is to offer delicious meat free options. Using scare tactics or trying to traumatize people is never going to be a long term and sustainable strategy. Nevertheless, this video shares the facts.

I’d much rather see the livestock food used to feed people in regions of the world that need it more. There’s plenty of famine going around right now so maybe, just maybe BentoYa’s open minded view on how to change the world will be one that spreads globally. That right there IS the vision.