Cats and iLLness

This blog wouldn’t be real if I didn’t share the crap times too. It’s really hard to get going today. My little distant nephew is in the hospital because of seizures, my Vancouver cat will be put down before sunset and I’m waking up to this news while I’m still wired (and sad) due to lack of sleep from an issue I had last night with my anxiety stricken son. He despises school especially after holiday time. But that’s an entirely different article.

Dear friends in Richmond, you know who you are…..errr should I just say family, thank you for adopting Hanna from us when we left Canada. You saved us from the sadness of bringing Hanna to the shelter. End stage kidney failure, wow shocked on this Monday.

I’m supposed to finishing off a video or being productive today but instead I’m caught in an ugly cloud of sadness. Lack of sleep and a terrible news filled Monday is throwing off my flow.

Hanako (Hanna) was our first family cat and our cat before we got engaged. She’s kind of like our first child in a way. Animals lovers know what I’m saying. When our kids were born in late 2000s, Hanna persevered to get along even though they were as annoying as babies can be. Good babies but loud as hell so we spent more time trying to quiet our babies down then we did giving Hanna hugs. I imagine it took a blow in her living arrangements and she suffered a terrible loss of the attention needed to be a happy cat. Then in 2013 we moved across the world were Hanna found her true & new family, in Richmond BC. After that I had only seen her a few times in five years. I’m sure Hanako long forgot about me and my family that saved her from the SPCA’s pending time clock of doom. I’m sure glad she had an excellent five year extension after the time she filled our own hearts with the love she gave.

The reason I took this post from my facebook over to my personal blog is because I strongly feel that anybody that has anxiety or stress in their life should absolutely have some kind of animal. For some it’s dogs while others it’s cats. As I type this my cat Kiki sits on my lap while our new cat, Jupi watches me from 5ft away. The comfort animals bring to our lives is often realized in our saddest times. Today I feel fortunate to have wonderful cats to comfort me while I say goodbye to my Vancouver cat, her name was Hanna.

Our heartfelt Thanks to Tyler, Melissa, Reagan, and Harper for showing so much love to the one we called Hanna.  Big hugs to Hanna brother, Buster too.

Rest in peace Hanna.

Dan Pape