Why I quit Netflix Binge Watching

Indulging is ok so don't worry, this is not about that. This is about realizing when to go cold turkey and cutting out habits that really don't do you well. Facts are facts and the fact is we are living in world now where binge watching is the norm. I don't like that, not anymore.

When I first moved to Japan I got sick and tired of Japanese TV. I tried, I really did. I watched all sorts of Japanese programming thinking I would eventually get the hang of enjoying the programs that were mainstream televised. There are a couple of programs I like but not enough to say I enjoy Japanese TV on a regular basis. So I threw in the towel, so to speak. Consuming TV was no longer any part of my daily routine. Those were good times. Those were times when the important parts of life became evident once again. Then Netflix Japan happened.

Honestly I was so happy that Netflix Japan launched a few years ago. I could finally sit back and and entire program in my native language, English. It was incredible because I've always been a movie buff. Even though when it launched the content selection was mediocre, it was still amazing to have convenient access to SO MUCH content. I had spent the better part of two years here in Japan searching for ways to enjoy consuming content. Netflix Japan was it. The problem, however, is I got desensitized to the negative implications of no off switch. The implications are far worse than I had ever expected. Are you addicted to Netflix?