Rodney Mullen Top 6 Quotes

Rodney Mullen hit me in the heart with this one.  Total bulls-eye. Here's just 6 of many quotes this interview will bring to your soul. This is an interview (below) , you don't want to miss.  Big thanks to Tom Bilyeu for continuing to bring interviews of some of my most favorite people on this plain.  Even if you're not a fan of skateboarding this is a damn great video.

Rarely is it a question of talent or technique at those levels, it’s just one of belief
That’s the nature of love you know, it’s got hate in there
I see people with talent and all those things, but the one thing they don’t have is just that love for the sake of doing it
You land a trick and it just lights up, it’s crazy, but at the same time, it’s hollow, it’s not the thing that can drive you, at least not for long”
I got issues, you know, but I nurture them, it gets me out every night. Everybody has a story. Mine’s not more severe than the next guy, everything’s relative. There are things that fractured something in there, and for whatever it is I need to get away, and I got some stuff I need to work out. And Skateboarding’s always been that kind of meditation. It’s always connected with my soul
You get the call from them, that some kid (Make a Wish Foundation) want’s to meet you, dude it’s a reckoning, because whatever you think you’ve done that’s cool, in that light, it’s not. You are officially a fraud. I skate, I roll around, I do tricks



Dan Pape