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Man oh man it’s been a trip. Last month I met Joey Slick from the Joint One Crew out of Tokyo. When I found out his radio show is in my old neighborhood, I wasted no time. That, and he was incredibly inviting. Luckily for me veteran DJ Slick, that goes by @kokeslick (on Instagram), hosts the 8-9pm slot daily. Even more lucky, he’s a connoisseur of the hip hop genre which just so happens to be my fav. I’m so down because passion is the driving force. To me, that’s the only way to roll.

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I’m not only stoked because I know a thing or two about hip hop, but because I feel zero pressure every time we collaborate. We hit it off from the get go and now I’m on the show every Friday. So come on down and download the apps below. If you like hiphop, you’ll love this show. One more thing to note. The show is predominantly in English. Spread the love and let other English speakers know as well. A little English can go a long way. If you’re wanting to connect again with others then and have a listen…your support won’t be in vain….

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………Every Friday 8-9pm (links below)

Note: Actually everyday! but Thursday is the only show he produces in 100% Japanese. The host speaks English as well but he interviews forward thinking and time-giving local entrepreneurs in their native language. Respect that. If you’re fluent, please support them as well.

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I’ve wanted to be a DJ my whole life. Can you see that weird look in my face that I’m awkwardly stoked? That’s gratitude mixed with incredible nervousness. Hope you have a chance to listen on your Fridays.

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Link to Co-Host and the very talented Tsubaki’s Instagram

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