Teach Our Youth Valuable Skills

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The struggle lately with my kids is their fixation on things like Netflix, YouTube and Smart Phone Gaming apps. I've found pretty good ways to channel their interest in these platforms so that they are able to learn while they obsess over what I may feel is leading to future addictions. I'm to blame, not them. I say addiction but it really bothers me that I've opened a pandora's box. I'm trying to find a good balance for them while not stealing away their fun. 

Recently I've been seeing a lot of youth with their faces buried in cellular phones. I'd like to think the kids I see on a daily are reading valuable information that is bettering their lives, or using apps that expand their knowledge.  Sometimes I lurk over their shoulder to be disappointed that they are simply playing mindless apps. To me it seems sad that these youth are not being taught valuable skills during these times when they could be making the most of it.  Move aside everyone, Adobe Premiere Clip is here.

I've been making videos as a hobby for over a decade.  A few days ago my son and I went into the densely populated Tokyo train system so I got few shots (see below).  On the way back I had a mild epiphany to use that hour to teach my son how to edit videos. After importing the 10 or so shots I shot on the trip into Tokyo I gave my phone to my son on the trip back home.  I gave him a 10 minute tutorial on how to edit on Adobe Clip (which is super basic) and how to navigate around the app.  He was off! By the time we got home he had edited the video below.  Would you agree this is so much better than playing Tetris?

Video Shot by me

Edited by my son, "Bobo" Pape (he's 7)