Worth It

Simple but important words from my kids

Yesterday was one for the books.  Shamanz, a band that hails from Japan was on fire.  Instantly without hesitation I purchased their CD's at the show. When a good buddy invited me out for live concert on a Tuesday I had no idea my evening with my kids in tow would be one of the best of the entire summer.  Here's what went down.

In the morning I was busy enjoying creating content for my Jungle Viper review.  Earlier this week I received 2 pairs of Vipers in the mail. Although I'm not too good at putting my appreciation for tech into words, I do really get a lot of enjoyment when I'm the first to receive innovative gear like what Jungle Inc is putting out. More on that soon but for now I want to stick to the amazing day I had at Morito Beach. The event is all week long every August so I highly recommend you head down and check it out next year. Links below.  There's no charge for entry (for most shows) and all you got to do is support the pop up restaurants slanging food and bevvies.  Great value if you ask me.

Once I had wrapped up creating content for my Viper review it was time to head out with the kids.  Approximately mid afternoon we started our journey to Morito Beach in Hayama. If you're interested on checking it out, there's a link on this article and video to show you more about Morito and why I usually choose this beach over all others in my area. Instead of blabbing on about how great my day was, as per usual I've decided to make a video. However, a few heart warming things did happen that I would like to share. The music was great, the food was good, the company was friendly but what really mattered to me was this.

"Papa, let's come here every year, I love this event and I'm glad you got grounded"  - These were the words from my 9 year daughter that truly resonated with me on this day. As a father of two I often bring my kids along for my adventures. Sometimes my adventures are for me and they just tag along. Being a good father is important but so is not forgetting about the things that bring you happiness. Live music and teaching my seeds about the importance of getting grounded is super important.  On that previous post, you'll see that the goal of the day was to educate my kids on just how important it is to connect to the earth. It worked great because my kids looked incredibly happy after this day.

Escaping the matrix will always be something I value so when my daughter asked me to take my shoes off (because she insisted I get grounded) and dance with her I was quite moved. We teach our youth values that we think are important so when they encourage you to do the same it's a feeling that's hard to put into words. Perhaps you're thinking 'what's the big deal, she just asked you take off your shoes and walk on the sand' - but for me this moment was profound.

To my son "Hey buddy, do you want to dance one more time to the last song?" - My son, "naw Papa, let's go for a walk and enjoy the view before we go" - I was awestruck. Here I was thinking about our new kitten that needed to be let out of the kennel back at home, or the cleaning I missed out on because we were at the beach all day, or my next blog post or the copious amounts of footy that never gets edited etc etc..the hyperactive mind never rests. Then in that moment, because of my 7 year old son and these few words, all my responsibilities and worries dissipated.

In the end it will be all worth it

Ever since my kids were born I've always talked about beautiful views, appreciating nature and the important things in life. So when my kids spout that knowledge back to me at such a young age I'm forever impressed. Most parents have been there. Our kids say something that blows us away and makes us feel for a brief moment that we're doing something right. Being a parent that wants what's best for our seeds is far from easy so when we get gifted with gems it suddenly becomes all worth it.

Dan Pape