Riding Off The Board

It's not that I've been getting lazy, it's just that once again I'm taking on too many task without completing the first one.  That's not to say this short film my Alex Timmer isn't worthy of a long and overly worded post because it is.  I'm just saying that with the copious amount of content shot over the years, sometimes you just got to upload and move on. So that's just what I am doing now.  If you pop over to my YouTube Channel 'aDHdanpape.org' then you'll quickly a lot of super random videos. However, this film was during a very vulnerable time so it's an important part of my story.  It's kind of explained in the video and it's right at the beginning so please enjoy.  Alex, if you're around hit me up! I'd love to talk to you after all these years..

Alex Timmer Student Film Project