300km/hr on the Shinkasen

A few times a year my family and I travel to Tohoku for the rice planting season.  For a few weeks it's humbling and great to see how my family lives and just how hard they have to work to survive as entrepreneurs. The Sugawara Family (my family here in Japan) are truly amazing people and I'm so proud to be welcomed.  

On the last day of my trip I was getting anxious to create something but nobody was around. So I did a little research on Shinkansen's to try and find out how fast the trains were going when they blow by the rice fields.  The family rice farm is about 1 km away, and the ground rumbles.  You can hear the train coming from miles away before it even passes.  When it passes it's amazing. Somewhere between 8-12 cars explode through the train track that is exposed in the opening over the rice fields. Every 60mins, and sometimes and half hour you'll see this epic train speed on through.  For nearly 5 years I've been amazed and intrigued and have become sometimes Otaku (fanatic).  I finally decided to do something about and show you all.  This edit was done on my Samsung Galaxy S6 while I was on the train on my way back to Yokohama.  

Dan Pape