10 Seconds Of Fame With Shiho


A little under a year ago I had my 10 seconds of fame, and so did both my children. Shiho Yano was my wife and mother to my children for about 10 minutes.  That's all it took the crew to get this shot.  Shiho was very kind to my son Heiwa and kept him talking and smiling in order to get the shot in rapid time.  Signs a true pro and a veteran to the fashion industry were obvious but I still didn't know who Shiho was.  When I got home from the shoot that day, I realized not knowing a lot about Japan pop culture can sometimes be a good thing.  Yano-san is ultra famous and I knew nothing of it.

The print shot which you can see on the website was shot in an amazing home in Tokyo which was also the studio for Robot (Production Company). Two days later Anzu, Heiwa and I were off to Izu Peninsula to shoot the commercial part of the campaign. We left at 4am in order to arrive for the early morning call time.  It was indeed an honour to arrive at the mega home studio overlooking Izu Peninsula.  If you aren't familiar with Izu Japan then please check this link out to see what makes it so special. It was a glorious day overlooking such a majestic view but what I really enjoyed was seeing Yuichiro Sato and his team of professionals work their magic.  Big cameras and a massive crew was truly inspiring to me.  I've always had a fascination with seeing how productions are done so the fact that I was actually getting paid for this left me with a profound appreciation for this opportunity. 

Big thanks goes out to Dean Newcombe for presenting and hooking up this opportunity.  Some day RunAway Japan and the team will surface the amazing content (race scene) him and I shot together on a gnarly hill in Shizuoka prefecture. I'm really looking forward to it.


Nihon Trim Grace Official 60 second Commerical

Dan Pape