Escape the Matrix - Skate Commute


Here we go again, creating videos of random daily happenings for no apparent reason. Making fun times of my daily commute has been a must for at least two decades.  Can you tell in this video I am super happy to be able to do this every week? 

Honest truth is I usually listen to a steady flow of classic hip hop on really nice headphones.  But, I wanted some of you to see how I spend two mornings every week. My travel feels like a video game, or a movie. Music quality has been a priority since day one. For example, in this video you will see that I have Monster Bluetooth earphones that I mentioned in this post (highly recommend). Life has not been the same since I scooped them up at Bic Camera here in Japan. Somehow I always position my commute so that enjoying it is always a possibility, or a learning session is suddenly needed in my life, or even just spontaneous creativity. Long commutes or short commutes, all good as long as I make good use of the time I have.

Apology - When I am skating , and filming I often shoot things on the fly with no plan of what will happen or what I will find on my way.  The sound is not levelled properly so I'm sorry about that.  I didn't want to hold up content anymore simply because it's not polished.  Let's call it my transparency pledge. 

Check back in a few weeks.  I'll post up a better version soon enough.


Dan Pape