Life Tip: Get Things Flowing


Seriously wish I knew about this life tip as a youngster. Getting morning exercise before I starting school would have not only been wise beyond my years, it would have been crucial to starting the day off right. My daughter brought it up one day before bedtime, where she advised me that her and I should take morning walks together.  First off, her leadership qualities made me proud!  But better still, I was stoked that she wanted to spend time with me instead of sleeping that extra hour. 

So we set it off! We got things flowing.  Before bedtime I always encourage my kids to have a great sleep so that they can have an opportunity to start their days off right. They don't always listen. On my end, I slot in an hour opening and get up even earlier so that I have energy to positively bring about change in their lives. It's not a ground breaking life tip, I know this, but it is easier said than done.  In the past I came up with excuses. One after another. Either that, or I burned the midnight oil working on creations whether it was relevant or not. 'Get things flowing' is much better but the dedicatio to consistency factor is not easy.

We don't get out every morning but when we do I notice a massive change in my kids day.  My son leaves for school happy and stoked on life.  My daughter and I talk about stuff we usually can't because of cliche sibling conflicts. I despise loud mornings so this is an excellent alternative. Break up fights about the dumbest shit, or watch your son rippin' on his rad BMX?(see Below) Constantly repeat the same morning routine for an another 10 years, or get into deep and meaningful discussions with the ones that matter? 

You're smart~! You know what's up. What's up is this though, just incase my random writings aren't clear.  If you're a parent like me and are not doing this, please try and let me know by commenting on our Facebook Page.  And if you're a youngster, get with this asap! It will be detrimental to your success in life. Please trust me on this!

Pound, and I'm out!

Dan Pape