Cabbage Trail 2018 - Amazing Volunteers


This post if for editors out there that want to help our youth. Reach out!

I was incredibly impressed by the Japanese BMX Racing Community.  Sei Tanaka from Bike Lab in Yokohama invited me to come and see how they made their 'home-base' pumptrack. I got to see it first hand. It was one of the neatest things that I ever did see.

7 years before this day they started building tracks on this very cabbage patch in Miura Japan.  Every year they flip the soil and get to work.  Nagashima-san (Mr.Nagashima), the land owner is cool as heck,a Cabbage farmer in season, and a grateful host to BMX racers in the summer. Now that's rad. I like farmers, I really do. Fun fact, my family are farmers.

What I'm going to do for this particular story is keep coming back to this article and constantly update it until I'm happy that I've supported the best I can. It's a truly wonderful feeling to help out young racers by getting them the exposure they so riotously deserve.  You're likely going to see 3, maybe 4 'updated' posts about this awesome community. It was much too cool of an experience to pawn off as a quick post. The reason I did that was because the day after I was excited to see it all go down. To be allowed the opportunity to document it was an honor. 

The video I got is super good so I'd like to invite other professional editors to volunteer their services to make a Part 1 video for the Cabbage Trail Mini-Doc.  We don't need compensation and we're not looking to profit in anyway.  Action sports is an amazing opportunity for kids, all typres of kids and especially the ones that don't fit the status quo. So if you're down, please contact me so we can get to work! The video has been shot, and it'll be really great to see an edit polished off proper! So if you like to edit, and have the time to thrown down some time, hit me up here.

For the time being please keep checking this post every other week while I do as I said I would. That is, update this is give it the time it deserves.  Anything to see more kids rippin!

Pound, and I'm out! photo Cabbage BMX Race Track-11.jpg photo Cabbage BMX Race Track-28.jpg photo Cabbage BMX Race Track-2.jpg photo Cabbage BMX Race Track-10.jpg photo Cabbage BMX Race Track.jpg photo Cabbage BMX Race Track-13.jpg photo Cabbage BMX Race Track-17.jpg photo Cabbage BMX Race Track-18.jpg photo Cabbage BMX Race Track-22.jpg photo Cabbage BMX Race Track-20.jpg photo Cabbage BMX Race Track-19.jpg photo Cabbage BMX Race Track-12.jpg photo Cabbage BMX Race Track-14.jpg photo Cabbage BMX Race Track-25.jpg photo Cabbage BMX Race Track-24.jpg photo Cabbage BMX Race Track-16.jpg photo Cabbage BMX Race Track-29.jpg
Dan Pape