Is Our Learning System Toxic?


Ok I'm back.  Sorry for the gap in posting, but I was rice planting up in Northern Japan. Going forward I'll try my best to blog atleast one a week. More on my trip to Tohoku soon.  This next post is a little harder to get through but bear with me, I think it's an important view point to consider.

Is our education system broken?  Is Josh right?  Are his statements too bold to get through this entire talk? I ask because I don't have all the answers but I'm certainly going to do my best to discover. My kids are walking through their own path in life and I'm eager to know what the absolute best course will be for them to take. I'm not convinced standardized schooling it the best option.

Lately I've been questioning the education system. I'm definitely not an expert in this field. When I was in school I  felt like the matrix wasn't design for my way of learning.  For along time now Ted Talking has been a weekly ritual.  Usually I watch optimistic, advanced teaching professionals, doctors and researchers.  Joshua Katz is certainly passionate but he threw a couple of people under the bus during this talk.  This finger pointing was unlike most Ted Talks I'm used to watching so made me curious.  Hence the share.

Is our system broken?

Dan Pape