But his writing sucks

Powerful speakers have a great impact on my life.  As do writers. So when I listened to Akimbo after Impact Theories Seth Godin interview I started writing again. There were many parts of the interview that I appreciated but one that stood out was when Seth said his writing sucked when he started.  He said his blog posts were really bad and yet he just kept doing it.  With over 7000 posts completed and a recollection of 800 rejection letters in his memory, he is one of the most profound authors of our time. Now I doubt I'll surpass his accolades and make millions of dollars but that's not why it's done. What I will do is keep writing until it's good or until at-least I can help others in a way that gives me a sense of meaning.

This shot was taken at 5:12am. "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise" - it's not my quote but it's one that keeps coming back when I catch myself getting lazy again. I've got kids and for the most part they are my life.  So when can I write and create?  Before they rise.

Oh and one last thing.  Rising with the sun definitely gives me a massive sense of appreciation for life.  I've yet to discover exactly why but that too will come in time.  That I am certain.

5:12 am Shot from my Writing Spot

5:12 am Shot from my Writing Spot

Dan Pape