Podcastoholic Pick of the Week - Akimbo

The first time I heard of Seth Godin was when I was on one of my many soul searching missions.  I can't say for certain that it was my first mental embarkment because I've been through so many these past 20 years.  Some days were so very positive and some days were dark.  What still surprises me is the amount of people that still have trouble admitting that emotions are peaks and valleys. Most of the time only the summits are shared on social media leaving others with a sense of failure because they don't stack up. The good news is they ALWAYS passed and as soon as I figured that out, the hard days became just a little bit easier so light was still present even when I felt like crap.  

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If you've never heard of Seth Godin then just pop on over to Google and you'll be inundated with an incredible amount of amazing content that will blow your mind. This  wonderful leader has challenged the norm countless times and continues to do so. For that reason alone I'm a follower that hangs on his every word.  Groundbreaking business sense combined with philosophical wisdom is the type of stuff I love. Because of his trailblazing mentality I instantly became of big fan of his work. Just yesterday, I was reminded on his greatness when I watched the below Impact Theory Episode shown below (instead of Netflix ;)).  On How to be a Linchpin Seth Interview I found out about Mr.Godin's most recent work titled Akimbo. The reason I've added this interview by Tom Bilyeu is the intro is 100% on point.  If you can find time to get through the entirety I'm certain bits and pieces will be intriguing to you as well. The part I really enjoyed was how the school system came to be and how it's not for everyone.

Akimbo is 10 episodes in total (so far) therefore I have some catching up to do. From the 3 episodes that I've listened to I've can say for certain I thoroughly enjoyed them.  Thought provoking. It's never wasted time when Seth Godin is speaking into your ear. Enjoy this week's Podcastoholic Pick of the Week (above).

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Dan Pape