Zushi Grounding - Oasis at Morito Shrine

Wow what a great day. Taking the kids out on this wonderfully quiet beach day was exactly what I think they needed. It was a Tuesday in Spring Break and their 2nd last day before getting back to the grind. School in Japan can be quite stressful so I’m always looking for ways to help find them balance.  Our cost was about 1000yen for transportation to the beach.  It took us an hour by transit. Click this link to find out how close it it to your home and get there on your next sunny day.

Day Trip Tip:  There's 3 parking lots very close to this beach but I can only imagine you'll have to get there early to secure a spot. Also, there's a Denny's with parking lot too so I'm gonna give it shot with my Toyota next time. Anyone wanna meet us for breakfast? I promise we'll have fun.

Shot on Revl Arc and iPhone 8+ - Edited in Final Cut Pro with 2008 iMAC

Please Note:  I shot everything in 1080p@60fps but set the project settings at 1080p @30fps by accident.  I was in too deep so I just exported as you see. It wouldn't be a #danpapeshredit if I spent too much time on it so here you go!

Dan Pape