Terry Fox Orion's Spoke To Me

In September of 2005 I purchased my 1st heroes shoes.  A real life super hero, Terry Fox. 13 years later the shoes spoke to me in a dream. Until last year, I had completely forgot I even ordered Terry Fox Limited Edition Orion shoes. That is, until my sister passed them to me at our brief encounter in Vancouver of last year. Back then I had no plans for the shoes so I just stored them here in Japan. Today it became clear hence the Orion inspired impromptu photoshoot and a blog entry about the shoes .  It was about bringing Terry's message to the next generation so my daughter can pass it on to the generation that follows her.  Delivering an important message effectively so that it has a resounding impact on her life was as an impromptu idea. I doubt she'll have size 12 feet but at least she'll know about Terry. This might be the year I actually wear my Orion's.

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Last month my daughter taught me an important lesson. The truth is I already knew that light exercise in the early morning hours was the best way to start the day. What she brought to the equation of this importance was sticking to it. Every other day we do just that, we take an slightly brisk walk around our neighbourhood prior to eating one of my favourite meals, breakfast.  

Vans x A Tribe Called Quest shoes released later last week. I don’t really need the shoes but I’ve always been a super fan of Tribe. I drooled over the new selections of ATCQ Vans Shoes before our walk. Just last week I vowed no screen in the early hours and blew it.  Tribe influence has a gold on me which is rare.   It was definitely not the best use of my time.  As per usual my my train of thought eventually transitioned to thinking about how I don’t need more shoes in my quiver. In the past I had been suckered into thinking that monetary possessions will bring me happiness resulting in me nerding out the best skate shoes.  It was a short lived happiness. These Adidas shoes are different though.  Because these Orion special release shoes have never been worn, I started thinking that maybe now would be the time to lace 'em up.   The proceeds of these shoes went to help the Terry Fox Foundation. By now you’re probably wondering, where are you going with this Dan?

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We started our wake up walk at around 6:30 in which I asked my daughter, “do you know who Terry Fox is?” I was pretty sure she did not.  As we walked through the our hilly neighbourhood I told her the Terry Fox story to the best of my ability. First we started with cancer and how both of my grandfathers had been killed by it.  Not exactly the best way to start an inspiring memory coming from your father. Nonetheless I mined through the hard part to get the gold. I went on to a explain that Terry had been diagnosed with bone cancer in which she cringed about the amputation of his leg. I skimmed and skipped details and fast forwarded to Canadian geography.  I was hoping this would put her in a state of visualizing how far 3000+miles is.  With the power of the internet was able to find this is 15 seconds [video here]  Perhaps the amazing Terry Fox story will an impact on you the same way it did for millions of Canadians in 1980 and beyond. We were nearing the end of our morning stroll where I then unveiled the Adidas box that I had stored since 2005. She was speechless up until the point where she asked the same question I had been thinking about all morning , “why don’t you wear these shoes Papa?”

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My Orion shoe is even more of a prized possession then it was prior to our stroll . I’ll now remember it always as the shoe that helped educate my daughter on the importance of perseverance and accomplishing goals. Do this despite what others said was impossible. If brave young man with a prosthetic leg can run 3336miles then anything is possible. "Whether you think you can, or whether you think you can't.  You're right."  - Henry Ford

or I prefer Terry's , "Impossible is Nothing."

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