Urban Longboard in Japan - Commuting

Skateboarding in Japan can be dangerous.  Unless you have years of experience I wouldn't recommend a commute that involves a huge hill like the video below. For people new to longboarding I would like to suggest that you learn the basics of how to stop and control your footbrake first and foremost. Using a longboard to get around Japan is a truly an awesome experience.  Sometimes I get disappointed when people automatically categorize skateboarding as dangerous. If you're training to compete in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics than that may be the case due to the high level required to qualify. The type of skateboarding I enjoy is a lot less dangerous than many of the mega sports that are really popular here in Japan. There is one caveat though, I say that as someone with many trials and tribulations on what not to do. I'd like to help you get there too so come skate with me.

My next post on this matter will address how to do it and remain respectable and courteous to people around you. I've been living in Yokohama for over 4 years and I've never had any issues. The reason for this is I ride it like a bicycle. I brake when things get hot and I stop follow the rules of the road just like any cyclist would. In fact, I wear my helmet 95% of the time and I can't say the same for bike commuters.  There's been a few occasions where I'm shocked at what bikers do here in Japan.  Now THAT is dangerous. Avid road-cyclist, I'm not talking about you. You guys are cool. 

If you're interested in Urban Longboard, feel free to contact me on the at the bottom of this page and I'd be delighted to show you some of the many beautiful spots I've been too.  

Now be safe and get out and skate!

Dan Pape