Podcastoholic - Escaping Social Media

Listening to podcasts has been a weekly ritual of mine since around 2010.  Joe Rogan, This Week in Photo and Six Pixels of Separation just to name a few. Admittedly, the reason I started was to help pass the time for long commutes in my car when I was living back in Vancouver. My appreciation for podcast-life has come and gone over the years but recently I cannot get enough. Last week I discovered these Netflix Hacks so it took more self control than usual to focus on bettering my routine. Luckily I discovered Cal Newport where he says "focus is the new IQ". Instead of binge watching the copious  amount of available content that is Netflix, I've decided that the education I need is better received through podcasts. The only way to do that is to find the best ones.

So with such an amazing amount of really bad and wonderfully great content available through podcasts, where do we start?  I guess it depends on what you're trying to get out of it.  At one time I was into the Just for Laughs podcast for obvious reasons, humour. As of recently I'm on a self help mission to better my mental health and learn the best I can about what is most affecting the fabric of our society.  My concern for social media addiction has my tentacles reaching far and wide. I've opened up a can of worms. However, I don't want to add unneeded stress to your life so let's focus on this weeks Top Pick.

Good podcasts is kind of like going down the rabbit hole.  Meaning it's a great experience if you can narrow down your findings to the best ones.  Great hosts typically interview other amazing podcasters so if you like what they had to say then you're set for future podcasts.  All of the content I've been learning from lately (check out this link with a Jim Kwik Video)has had a snowball effect on wonderful discoveries.  It started with The Model Health Show when I was trying to find experts on ADHD. I found a great episode on Shawn Stevenson's Podcasts that provided me with a great deal of insight into children's learning difficulties. If you're interested, you can check it out here. You'll love it if you ADHD or have someone in your life that does. 

Ok so I've rambled on enough about podcasts and how they can have an amazing and positive impact on someone's life.  Focus is the main issue with the type of world we are living in. This weeks Podcastaholic Top Pick is one featuring the brilliant Cal Newport.  Because I've always thought multitasking was skill of mine the below discussion between Ezra Klein and Cal Newport was extremely interesting.  You're never to old to realize you were wrong and I'll be listening to Deep Work next on Audible. Enjoy.


Dan Pape