Smart Phone Life - Learning is a Superpower

Very recently I've become a big fan of Jim Kwik. I first came into contact with the Kwik Brain Podcast after listening to countless episodes of The Model Health Show Podcast. Yes, the host is an x-model but no, the show is not about modelling whatsover.  I was skeptical when I first started listening to Shawn Stevenson's Podcast because of the image he uses on iTunes.  Shame on me for judging but I'm very happy I discovered it and started listening weekly. In one of the Episodes (click here), his guest was Jim Kwik. The subject was Brain Hacks.  I've always thought my memory was poor so I was intrigued on what he had to say.

After a plethora of amazing tips from that  single podcast, I started listening to Jim's Kwik Brain Podcast.  Offfcially I am a student of Jim's now because as he says, "there's nothing more powerful than learning how to learn"   

Like everywhere else in the world, here in Japan smartphones are ruling our lives.  Are you like me and check your facebook a few times a day or scroll instagram every other hour? Make no mistake about it, this IS an issue and I'm no better than you just because I'm bringing awareness to how it's destroying society. I used to wake up to see how many likes I got or to see if anyone commented on what I thought was a profound post. Why do we even care?  And why would we use the first and last hour of our day to check our phones. Despite the studies and regardless of what the countless experts say, we still persist on doing it. The founders of these giant social media platforms running our lives had this exact intention. For that reason, millions have become addicts without even realizing it.  Guilty! (pointing at myself)  With no change in sight might I add. In fact, one of the driving forces to start and this very blog your are reading is to weed myself off social media within the year.  I am an addict and I'm not happy with leaving it that way.  Are you?

I'll never tell someone how to lead their life but I'm super stoked about my newest direction of using my my iPhone strictly for learning and enjoying music.  That is all I'll say.

Dan Pape