Revl Arc x Final Cut Pro X Test Shoot and Edit

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Just a quick heads up, this is not a detailed tech blog review and is not meant to be a highly technical article. As soon as I find a thorough review or article on the Revl Arc, I'll post it up for sure.

Editing POV videos is a lot of fun.  I've had a fair share of cameras in my quiver over the years. It all started in 2004, when holding a camcorder at 90km/hr on skateboard was a very risky stunt.  Going fast on a skateboard was already intense so trying to capture it with a regular video camera was even more so.  Following this stupidity, I ordered my first POV, a Viosport. Filming has never been the same.  

My highest speeds were captured by the help of of my cumbersome and annoying Viosport helmet camera. Perhaps Viosport has come along way but at that time, it was very time consuming to set it up while everyone waited at the top of the run. I can't quite find the words to explain this eloquently but I'll try my best. Finding a POV camera you really like and incorporating it into your arsenal of gear will most likely result in you running out of hard drive space as well. So plan for that when you buy.  It sure makes for a good time and enables capturing very unique angles possible. If you're anything like me, you'll end up capturing everything via POV. Nowadays, almost all of the cameras shoot in 4k at super high frame rates.  That my friends is reason to waste precious time filming random life experiences.  For over 10 years I've been doing it off and on and I've almost always had a trusty POV at my side. For me, using it for dangerous activities was not the only purpose the camera served.  It's so easy when you can just throw it in your pocket and whip it out when something rad is going down.  It's nice when your armed and ready.

Testing GoPro HD Prototype Camera with Custom Made Board Mount - Note: both cameras are used on this 20% decent

Testing GoPro HD Prototype Camera with Custom Made Board Mount - Note: both cameras are used on this 20% decent

Around 2010 I used GoPro HD cameras for stunt type activities like speedboarding down Mt. Seymour in British Columbia (Canada).  I used the 2 prototype cameras pictured below for a few years and then lost 1 protective.  As for the second camera case, the lens protecter got scratched easily due to it's bulgy design. Here's link to a few videos that were created even before GoPro officially launched their new HD camera line (Colabo GoPro HD Vol.1 & Vol.2). Once the hype died off, someone "borrowed" my other case and I never got it back.  After that, I did't want to use GoPro because I was always afraid of scratching the unprotected lens.  Like all POV camera lines, improvements were made and the cams get better every year. Maybe I should bring them out retirement to see how they're doing.  Here's a shot of the ol'boys.  Before GoPro launched their HD cameras, I was fortunate to be one of the prototype demo test riders.  Indeed it was an exciting time.  GoPro HD Prototype.jpg


Skate[Slate]Japan's official camera was an ISAW for about year.  I took it to Canada with me in 2014 and someone stole it.  Sorry Team SKSJP and thanks a lot (sarcasm) Canada! At the time it was great and I really enjoyed seeing the results [see this 2014 vid from Whistler Who Will Win?]. Here's another link to a family video that I whipped up for testing to see how well Final Cut Pro X exported 720p directly to Vimeo, from my iMac.  Currently I only have 500mb of space a week on Vimeo so I resorted to a 720p upload.  You can see that indeed the colors are vivid and nicely saturated. As well, the sound is pretty good. I may re upload the video in 1080, but I doubt it. I didn't notice any obvious differences between the GoPro Line and the ISAW cameras so I didn't have the desire to spend my own cash on to replace the one that got stolen. 

Vimeo Tip: A feature I really liked about Vimeo is the ability to re-upload an edit incase you may have made a error that you noticed once it was uploaded.  To my knowledge, YouTube doesn't allow that and you'll lose all play count. Just something to consider if you are going to start a new video upload account.

Now that I've bored you and gone off track with the above throwback, let's talk about my newest camera that I am currently testing, the Revl Arc.  I was an early backer on their crownfunding campaign so in fact I received the camera first here in Japan. That was back in October of 2017 so I've had some time to get used to how it works.  The weather is perfect outside and I'd rather be shooting so for now I'll keep it brief. . Below is video I shot in 1080p and 60fps with a few shots captured in 4k.  There was almost no correction done in post on the exposure, except for a few clips.   I used Final Cut Pro X for the edit and exported directly to my iMac internal hard drive.  The completed export was then uploaded at 1080p to Vimeo. FCPX rendered the files nicely even on my late 2008 iMac (only 4mb of Ram).  It currently has Snow Leopard 10.6.   I imagine a newer MAC will handle it even better. Last month while I was racing in a banked slalom race in Gunma Japan, I went live for one of my qualifying races with the Revl. On my way home from the race I edited a video with the Revl App on my iPhone 8+.  Both worked well, but not flawlessly.  I'm pretty excited to test it out further and see what kind of content I can create with my Revl.  As usually, I've shot everything since I received the camera.  The App and the Firmware are seeing huge improvements every other week so I'm very pleased to see the brand constantly evolving in a very competitive market were GoPro is king.  After a some more time testing all the potential combinations I'll post an updated review on Revl.  This video gives you a good snapshot of what Revl has to offer. My video is below. Be forewarned I didn't spend too much time on the edit.

My review was not intended to get into all the technical specification of creating content with the cameras I use, but more or less I'm hoping it can help a few people that are just getting into editing.   Please feel free to hit me up on facebook if you have any questions.  Now get out outside now and enjoy life! 

Dan Pape